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ISTP: Adult-Content

Adult Content Requirements

Under USC 2257, specific forms of video and other content must display a notification which defines a "custodian of records". Any content which requires 2257 compliance, shall be deemed "adult content" by the InterStream association. This adult content may not be offered under either the mainstream defaul portal nor ordinary ISTP portal names. In fact, such content will operated under an independent namespace from the ordinary names proivded for mainstream content by InterStream.

Portal Requirements

Portals which reference or include USC 2257 Content will be designated as "adult portals". Adult portals will be segmented automatically by ISTP to only be indexable and searchable by the default adult portal or other ISTP adult portals. If a mainstream portal should contain 2257 content, then the InterStream Association may either re-define the portal to an adult portal or revoke the license for the portals operation within the InterStream system per the InterStream Terms of Service Agreement.

The default Adult Portal will be operated under license from Cambix. All content streamed from this site must be ASACP certified and tagged with associated meta-data.

ISML Designations

Adult content providers must use ISML to record 2257 custodian of record information associated with their content. Failure to designate content that is legally required under USC 2257 content will be a violation of the InterStream Terms of Service Agreement (ITOSA).

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