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ISTP Portal Behavior using ISTP:// Syntax

ISTP://InterStream/ -> InterStream Default Portal

ISTP://Adult/ -> Default Adult Portal (to be operated under license by InterStream)

ISTP://<name>.com/ -> Defaults to same portal as ISTP://<name>/ ; Portals, by default, use .com websites first, similarly for other .net, .org, .edu top level domains if name is held by .com owner

Portals will be purchased under terms that are similar to domain names today. InterStream is engaging major third party domain name registrars to retail portal names through their existing websites and business operations. At the completion of Phase I of InterStream's pilot, a "sunrise" period will begin in which existing domain name holders may purchase portal names corresponding to their existing domain name infrastructure. Please see Sunrise/Sunset for more details.

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Page last modified on February 09, 2008, at 02:58 PM PST