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Open Connection [to Media Grid]

Request Parameter(s): Open Connection to InterStream Media Grid
Return Parameter(s): Autonomous Media Grid Identifier (for local media grid provider), Connection Globally Unique Identifier and a Hamming Label for Receiver
Note: Autonomous Media Grid Identifier may represent a local ISP or a remote backbone media grid operator

Request Connection Attributes [for Media Grid]

Return Parameter(s): Mediation Policy: Bandwidth and Latency Characteristics

Request Media Grid Object (MGO) Attributes

Request Parameter(s): MGO Identifier (from Handle System)
Return Parameter(s): Stream Attributes (from ISML definition)

Transfer MGO [at Specified Quality Level]

Request Parameter(s): MGO Identifier (from Handle System)
Return Parameter(s): Stream at Specified Quality Level

Suspend MGO [for timeout period]

Request Parameter(s): MGO Identifier
Return Parameter(s): Success (1), Failure (0)

Suspend Connection [for timeout period]

Return Parameter(s): Success (1), Failure (0)

Trace Connection (for Diagnostics)

Request Parameter(s): [ISTP.AutonomousMediaGridID | Autonomous Media Grid Identifier]] or Connection Globally Unique Identifier or Hamming Label or MGO Identifier
Return Parameter(s): To be determined diagnostic Information for Media Grid, Media Grid Connection, Remote Media Grid Element, or Media Grid Object, respectively.

Close Connection [to Media Grid]

Request Parameter(s): Media Grid Identifier
Return Parameter(s): Success (1) or Failure (0)

See also: ISTP State Machine Diagram? which parallels HTTP's state machine.

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