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ISTP: Portal-Governance

Governance of ISTP Portals and their Namespace

ISPT uses a slightly different mechanism than traditional URLs such as those seen in HTTP. To refer to a portal, ISTP looks like the following in the address bar of a browser:


Note that Top Level Domains (TLDs) are not required with ISTP. However, ISTP names such as can be certified to use InterStream services. Since there is a name space overlap between DNS and ISTP, governance of the ISTP namespace become very important for both owners of overlapping ISTP and DNS names. It is also critical to establishing InterStream's anti-piracy policy.

Governance Philosophy

InterStream manages the ISTP namespace in parallel with the existing Domain Name System (DNS). Since names can reference existing URLs, ISTP namespace management must conform to International Standards. Currently, ICANN sets the governance mechanism for the top level domain system. InterStream's governance formalizes namespace management to include the concept of a title in ISTP names.

Namespace Management

InterStream manages the ISTP namespace through a third party, Cambix, to manage, assign title, and resolve ISTP names on the media grid. This function is performed under a license from InterStream under a wholesale agreement. Existing accredited ICANN DNS retail registrars may participate in ISTP namespace sales by contacting Cambix. The sales of the ISTP names will use a Sunrise / Sunset period to insure that TLD name holders will be given adequate notice and have the ability to register their corresponding ISTP names. Existing domain names may be certified to act as origin systems during this period to either reserve (backorder) or purchase the corresponding ISTP name. Additionally, .COM top level domain (TLD) holders may purchase the corresponding ISTP root prefix during the sunrise period. Other TLD holders may purchase the root prefix during sunset period. Finally, other may purchase the ISTP name on a first come first served basis after the sunset period has expired.

Namespace Title and Ownership

InterStream is creating a title for ownership of ISTP names. The title ownership assigns ownership of the ISTP name initially to the registry, Cambix. Cambix will transfer title at purchase to existing domain name owners and others per the terms of service (ITOSA), and sunrise/sunset rules set by the association. Title is held as long as annual registration fees are paid for that name. If the fees are not paid within a 60 day grace period, Cambix, the ISTP namespace wholesale registry, will not resolve the name to media grid locations. In other words, the ISTP name will become useless on the grid. The registry will retract the name from the grid, per the terms of service agreement. Cambix expect to use existing ICANN accredited domain name registrars to retail names and insure they are paid in full annually. Retail registrars are responsible for foreclosing on ISTP names which have not fulfilled their annual filing requirements.

InterStream Transaction Credits or "InterStreamSM Credits"

Cambix is also responsible for collection and disbursement of streaming transaction fees associated with operation of the media grid. Cambix maintains a portal where additional credit may be purchased. Retail ISTP registrars will bundle 2500 credits when names are initially purchased. The retail registrars may also resale credits to their customers through a relationship with Cambix.

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