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A Content Pool is a set of aggregated content that is eligible under InterStream's settlement system via Cambix. Content Pools have the following attributes:

  • A set of content with minimum payment requirements for the specified content. Each of the specified pieces of content are one or more Stream Blocks.
  • A set of syndication rights for the stream block. Syndicators may reference the specific stream blocks to receive settlement fees. These syndicators may be authorized by the content owner in order to receive settlement, or optionally content owners may chose to allow any potential syndicator to participate.
  • Advertisers participate in the pool by agreeing to participate in the ecosystem settlement?. Advertising fees collected will be distributed to other ecosystem participants, including content owners, bandwidth providers, and syndicators.
  • Consumers may be directly purchase content via subscription fees paid to InterStream operators or through the default portal's shopping cart interface. Hence, consumers may choose to opt-out of advertising by substituting their payment in order to avoid advertising.

The default portal uses a content pool for its operation. Other content pool operators are allowed and encouraged to use the same approach with their aggregated content.

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Page last modified on May 31, 2013, at 01:22 PM PST