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InterStream: IOB

InterStream Oversight Board (IOB)

InterStream is establishing an oversight board to participate in the development of the InterStream Terms of Service Agreement. Member company participants are expected to provide legal and technical resources to the association in order to facilitate the development of the standards and Association legal agreements.

The following serves as a proposal to potential participating members in the InterStreamSM Association.

The InterStream Oversight Board (IOB) will be comprised of participating members in the media, content, television, and motion picture industries. The IOB has three primary roles in establishing the Association and directing its future role. Establishing and implementing a clear Anti-Piracy Policy through InterStream's Term of Service Agreement represents the first role. Secondly, the IOB will establish specific objective technical measures for the quality and performance of InterStreamSM providers. This role includes establishing specific technical standard through appropriate bodies for the Association. Thirdly, the IOB will also oversee the intellectual property rights licensing strategy for the Association. In keeping with the philosophy of an open source model, a defensive patent portfolio strategy will be developed to clearly establish intellectual property rights within the Association for any licensed, or internally developed technologies.

InterStream's Pilot implementation will be guided and reviewed by the IOB. Additional phases or initiatives may be developed by the IOB to support the pilot, or follow-on efforts. IOB members are expected to review anti-piracy efforts as well as Association metrics.

A technical board and anti-piracy policy board will be established by the Association. The technical board will be responsible for establishing and maintaining metrics for quality of service parameters necessary for participating ISPs and network operators. These metrics will include Stream Blocking Probability (SPB), packet loss, and Broadband Capacity Metrics (BCM). Members of the Association are welcome, but not required to provide delegates to the technical board. Representatives from the ISP industry and employees of Cambix, Pvt. Lte. will act as initial technical board delegates. The primary role of the Technology Working Group is to develop and enhance the MBA along with required technical standards for implementation.

The anti-piracy board will be established to set the InterStream Terms of Service Agreement. IOB member companies are expected to delegate a participant in establishing the Association's anti-piracy policy.

The IOB and delegation committees are structured as follows:

InterStream Oversight Board

Manages and set initiatives for InterStream Pilot & final implementation reviews
acts on technical standards & Anti-Piracy Working Group feedback
Sets InterStream Transaction Fees

Mediated Bandwidth Working Group

Content Integrity & Protection System (CIPS) Working Group

Anti-Piracy Working Group

  • Provides recommendations on InterStream technical standards
  • Reviews Quality of Service policy for InterStream
  • Develops, reviews and extends MBA
  • Recommends standards to IOB for Mediation Policy specifications
  • Provides recommendations on InterStream technical standards for protecting content in S-ISTP
  • Establishes key escrow and certification standards for PKI as it relates to S-ISTP
  • Responsible for architecture and security model for hardened playback systems
  • Recommends standards to IOB for PKI, S-ISTP, and consumer electronics security

Note: This section is being actively updated. Please check back for more information.

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