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InterStream: ISTP

InterStream Transit Protocol

Protocol Helper: istp://

Defined and Governed by the InterStream Industry Association

The InterStream Transit Protocol (ISTP) is a secure protocol that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to offer high bandwidth multimedia services over their networks. The ISTP application is installed as a new protocol handler into browsers. It includes components which enable Internet Service Providers to obtain incremental revenue from subscribers, advertisers, other ISPs, and streaming video providers in exchange for using premium bandwidth services on their networks. ISTP uses the handle system to index and reference rich media objects on the existing Web. Content is indexed into the handle system by users with ISTP clients who access existing HTTP, RTP, or MMS content. Once the content is indexed, it can be natively referenced by the handle system and streamed over the InterStream infrastructure. Indexed rich media objects from the InterStream Media Grid are associated with individual portals. Portals are designated by a "handle prefix", istp://prefix_name. The prefix_name designates a portal for members of the InterStream association. By default, istp:// designates the "default" InterStream portal. By linking ISTP content, Web Site owners and hosts may embed video from other providers. An overt goal of the protocol has been to fix the pervasive copyright issues surrounding the distribution of video on the Internet. ISTP as a new MIME subtype and protocol handler enables web site owners to link to the video in the form in which the content owner wishes it to be presented. The namespace or ISTP "names" are managed by an independent operator, Cambix.

Once installed, an ISTP plugin will direct the browser as follows:

note: InterStream and Cambix have not yet selected a portal name for this service. Adult, itself will not be used per the sunrise / sunset rules.

See ISTP & Ordinary URLS and ISTP State Machine Diagram? for more details.

Open Connection
Request Connection Attributes
Request Media Grid Object (MGO) Attributes
Stream MGO
Suspend MGO
Suspend Connection
Trace Connection (for Diagnostics)
Close Connection

See ISTP Intrinsics & HTTP Method Comparison for details on how ISTP creates a connection oriented model over a stateless guaranteed or best-effort network.

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