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InterStream: ITOSA

InterStream Terms of Service Agreement (ITOSA)

The InterStream Terms of Services agreement defines the requirements placed on the owner of an InterStream Portal. The ITOSA adheres to the anti-piracy policy established for the media grid.

Implications and Challenges for Agreement

Per the blog entry initiating this approach to the development of the ITOSA, there are a number of implications and challenges in implementing an agreement relying on audits to enforce digital property right protections. In essence, the ITOSA establishes a policy for distributors on the media grid by establishing the terms of use agreement for portal names they purchase from a registrar. This registrar has the right to discontinue access rights for that portal and any associated content if the terms of service are violated. Thus, by establishing audit policies and an oversight body which determines when distribution rights should be suspended or terminated is the challenge for the InterStream Association.

Audit Policy Implications

InterStream must establish an audit policy for portal name holders on the media grid. This policy must establish when and how ISTP streams are audited and who has rights to audit the streams. Members of the association will have the ability to fingerprint or watermark their content per the audit standards. Non-member rights must be clearly established so that members may not become overly intrusive into either those companies business models, plans, or distribution rights on the grid. Since members have provided the key funding for the association and helped to establish the anti-piracy policy for the media grid, their right to limit real or potential piracy must be protected. On the balance, however, they must also not preemptively attempt to restrict new business models or approaches of new market entrants using the grid for distribution. If a perception emerges that new market entrants can easily be disrupted or shut-off from using the grid, then the Association runs the risk of consumers rejecting the InterStream offerings.

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