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Welcome to InterStream's Open Source Media Grid Wiki

InterStream is a cooperative of wholesale and retail Internet Service Providers (ISPs), content creators, owners and distributors, equipment manufacturers and consumer electronics companies who collectively seek to improve the broadband supply chain holistically. InterStream was founded to serve as a neutral third party, with internal governance procedures to balance the interests of the broadband ecosystem so that the consumer may garner more value, transparency and quality from any application used via a high-speed Internet connection

This Wiki is intended to serve as a platform for the development of ideas and structures pertinent to the formation and operation,terms of service agreements (via the ITOSA), and on-going governance of the Association.

In addition this wiki documents the key concepts and technology the InterStream believe are required to provide a meaningful ubiquitous and neutral solution that can be implemented by all participants and will provide net benefit to the end-user. InterStream Transit Protocol (ISTP) open source project, the InterStream Media Grid and its extensions, including the InterStream Media Language, ISML.

Using ISTP and associated standards, ISPs, Content Owners and Consumers can establish a mutually beneficial new relationship which enables fair and appropriate Quality of Service under the terms of an International Industry Association. By adopting a fair, measurable and economically beneficial set of rules and operating standards such as the proposed InterStream Mediated Bandwidth Agreement it will become possible for all segments of the industry to cooperatively create new fungible end-to-end premium bandwidth services.

In essence, the Media Grid creates an economic model whereby ISPs and others who want to offer "Video Web" hosting may do so. A unique toll system enables these service providers to offer premium services to their customers while also allowing those customers to purchase Media Grid services from different hosting providers. It creates a business model which allows customers and ISPs alike to benefit from a neutral tiered Internet implementation.

Please email wiki <at> interstream.com if you would like to have the ability to participate in editing this wiki and enhancing, correcting, or commenting on the specifications.

Specifications and Capabilities described in this wiki are subject to change without notice.

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Links to the relevant topics regarding ISTP, the Media Grid, and ISML as standards are listed below:

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