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Mediated Bandwidth Agreement (MBA) and Media Grid Licenses (MGL)


The Mediated Bandwidth Agreement (MBA) License is under development with ISPs and network equipment providers as an optional extension to existing peering and transit agreements. The license will be based on LGPL v2.1 or LGPL v3. The v3 license may provide additional patent infringement protection advantages to network operators. The Association is still determining the best approach for this portion of the media grid licenses. The proposed licenses for projects are documented on the project page.

Vision for MBA License and Relationship to LGPL Licenses

InterStream, through commercial sponsorship by several partners, is developing an open source media grid. The media grid enables enforcement and development of peering agreements that respect a transitive and reciprocal relationship for ISTP service. In other words, if a network operator on the media grid peers with another, then access to the ISTP service either one offers are available to all peers and customers of each of the operators. Customers of the network operator have access to the services of the peer, and vice versa. By creating this reciprocal and transitive relationship, the media grid can more quickly be adopted by network operators without isolating distant networks from the grid.

Media grid implementations will be licensed under the LGPL. Anyone may modify and enhance the codebase to support new functionality. However, a media grid implementation does not necessarily enable the operator to receive access to premium ISTP services from broadband ISPs. This service is operated by Cambix through the operation of a transit key registry. Network operators participating as InterStream association provider receive access to these premium services by being signatories under the MBA. In other words by agreeing to the MBA license, network operators have access to all services of other ISTP providers as well as commit themselves to providing ISTP service on their broadband networks. In this sense, the MBA is a natural extension of the open source public licenses implemented for individual client and server systems.

The following table will help clarify the distinctions between the LGPL requirements and the MBA:

Media Grid (LGPL) Component License

MBA License

End-System License                      ··              Network Service License

  • Covers Media Grid Engine Components
  • Contributions to Media Grid Engine Source base are licensed under LGPL
  • Extensions and enhancements are freely permitted by value added service providers (such as CDN operators, ISPs, or Network Equipment Vendors)

Note: This section is being actively updated. Please check back for more information.

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Page last modified on June 25, 2012, at 02:17 PM PST