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Mediation Metrics are set by or for specific broadband customers in their mediation policy. The definition and whether the parameter is mandatory or optional is described below:

κ (mandatory)
Maximum Bandwidth offered to Broadband Subscriber for Best-Effort Service.
τ (mandatory)
Minimum unthrottled Bandwidth offered to Broadband Subscriber for Best-Effort Service.
σ (optional)
Time, in seconds, before a best-effort (aggregate flow?) above τ will be throttled during congestion. This parameter is set on behalf of the broadband service provider based on the service level specification for best-effort service.
ν (optional)
Maximum sustained bandwidth offered for high-latency, low packet loss service (appropriate for non-interactive streaming).
Ζ (optional)
Maximum sustained bandwidth offered to throttled flows (which have exceeded σ seconds of best-effort use). This metric need not be hard set. The value may float based on capacity.
ψ (optional)
Maximum interactive service bandwidth offered to low-latency, low packet loss service (appropriate for interactive streaming such as video-conferencing, and voice).
β (optional)
Maximum ultra-low latency, ultra-low packet loss service bandwidth (appropriate for SAN, gaming and other specialized applications).
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Page last modified on April 02, 2008, at 01:24 PM PST