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Internet Service Provider Opportunity for Deployment of the Media Grid on their networks

Since ISTP and the media grid elements are implemented in an extended open source LGPL, othewise known as the "MBA", any ISP or network equipment vendor may incorporate the technology into products or services as long as long as they adhere to the MBA terms. InterStream has specifically architected and designed the Media Grid to accomodate the incredible growth of video on the Internet. As such, this technology is designed to help ISPs accomodate that growth and easily deploy the grid throughout their network.

ISTP operates in both transparent and stealth modes. In transparent operation, ISTP uses a standard IANA port number when operating transparently. Under stealth operation, ISTP uses both standard and non-standard ports to send and receive data in a manner that cannot be blocked or disabled by Internet Service Providers or throttled by unmediated bottlenecks. ISTP will only operate "stealthily" with those ISPs and network operators who are not signatories of the MBA. In addition, InterStream will designate a version of TCP to run on the media grid. There are several candidates for this portion of the solution that will be tested in the InterStream pilot implementation.

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Page last modified on March 30, 2008, at 04:54 PM PST