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InterStream Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

The InterStream Association is responsible for operating and managing a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This PKI manages the Media Grid to created a trusted fabric of caching and/or proxy devices, known as media grid engines, securely mediated bottlenecks, and endpoints which receive streams. For ordinary ISTP streams, security is managed with the InterStream Association acting as the self-signed root of the PKI hierarchy and the Assocation's metering and settlement operator, Cambix as the signature authority for ISTKs. S-ISTP transactions have a slightly more complex relationship in the hierarchy. S-ISTP transactions only may be played back on trusted devices with embedded certificates licensed and issued from the Association. S-ISTP transactions use InterStream Protection Keys (ISPKs). These keys utilize the private key infrastructure established through the association and licensed to Consumer Electronics (CE) companies via the Association. Cambix will be responsible for managing the ISPK transactions. InterStream will establish policies for license through its oversight board.

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Page last modified on June 25, 2012, at 02:05 PM PST