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There are specific technical milestones that will be met during each of the phases of the pilot prior to starting the next phase. These are as follows:

Phase I Technical Objectives

  1. Demonstrate stream blocking probabilities for InterStream TCP and ISTP below threshold set by InterStream Oversight Board for phase I of the pilot.
  2. Determine unmediated bottleneck characteristics and associated stream blocking probabilities for different characteristic bottlenecks.
  3. Complete objective model for broadband capacity metrics that will be finalized in the implementation of the secure mediation control system.

Phase II Technical Objectives

  1. Integrate Secure Mediation Controllers into "live" broadband edge services router bottlenecks on ISP networks
  2. Deploy commercial grade SMC-integrated edge services routers to ISPs
  3. Finalize objective measurement model for SMC control system. This "new measure" will be used as a basis for broadband capacity metrics and the media grid's mediation policies.

Phase III Technical Objectives

  1. Identify and deploy secure ISTP peering technology to identify trusted paths across the Internet.
  2. Deliver integrated Secure ISTP hardware playback device to consumer electronics manufacturer with embedded Tri-Touch Remote support.
  3. Certify intermediate Media Grid Engines at Internet Exchange Points and other locations to act as trusted devices in the secure ISTP system.
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