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InterStream: ThreeTouchRemote

InterStreamSM Tri-TouchTM Remote

A television playback unit remote control which has a scroll ball with left and right buttons for selecting a menu or canceling an operation. The remote may be enhanced with features to control other equipment, and include a number key pad, and/or power button. These other features, however, are not required to operate the Net-Top TV browser. This unit will be made available during Phase III of the Pilot. The overt goal of the device is to extend beyond the "cookie", and "keyword" paradigms the text web offers advertisers today into an idividual user profile paradigm for the video web on the television.

Since the unit will have interactive Bluetooth support, follow-on support will include biometric identification systems embedded into the remote control. Effectively, this feature will allow consumers (end-users) to opt-in to automatic recognition of who is "surfing" ISTP content on the video web. Marketing and demographic information can then be provided back to website operators and others interested in enhancing the consumer experience while offering much better targeted advertising models for television.

InterStream is developing a standardized biometric remote profile extending AVRCP for this new class of Bluetooth devices. This profile will be licensed by InterStream to hardware manufacturers interested in using a standard device to control their net-top system implementations. InterStream expects that after the InterStream Pilot is complete, an industry standard bluetooth for the devices will emerge. However, for the duration of the Pilot, the association will be strictly operating under license so that the performance, and reliability of various Tri-TouchTM remote control implementations based on behavioral, physiological, or hybrid approaches may be fully tested.

Biometric remote control vendors wishing to participate should have a Bluetooth AVRCP prototype available which conform to InterStream's specifications. InterStream will pay the cost of production of prototypes for the pilot. At the completion of the pilot, InterStream will certify designs which successfully meet the pilot completion criteria. Certified vendors will then have permission to use the "Tri-TouchTM" mark and InterStreamSM brand on their products. Please email for more information and vendor specific licensing terms.

Note: Bluetooth may be enabled on IP-networked televisions through a Firewire and USB bluetooth dongle to interoperate with the remote. These dongles may also support keyboard and other peripherals such as cameras. This hardware, however, will not necessarily provide support for a secure subsystem that can support secure ISTP.

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