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Transactional Auditing and Decentralized General Ledger

One of the Media Industry's challenges over the years has been the inability to accurately determine usage and residual payments for in-theater, and in-home entertainment. One of the entertainment industry's long standing issues has been with the accounting practices and lack of transparency for residual payments. Technology as well as industry standards for the payment agreements based on actual consumption could help tremendously in this regard. By creating a streaming infrastructure from the "ground up," InterStream enables industry participants such as Guilds, Producers, Directors, Attorneys, and Agents to monitor usage patterns for their content and insure proper payment for content streamed.

Since the InterStream Transit Protocol natively uses a structured network and guaranteed service model, transactions across the system can be fully characterized and logged on a per-stream basis. As such, parties may collaborate and mutually agree to the parameters and completion of a transaction while not trusting one another or being required to operate under a common security framework. This approach allows the InterStream ecosystem to scale appropriately while localizing security models and accounting practices to the respective networks and operators.



More Details

Decentralized General Ledger

All transactions are kept redundantly using a decentralized general ledger. Parties are not required to trust one another however will agree as to the parameters and completion of the transaction by leveraging the ISTP system.


End-to-End Watermarking



Transactional Integrity and Atomicity

All transactions are logged and parties agree to completion as well as quality delivery of stream.


End-to-End Encryption

Impossible for streams to be intercepted by pirates.


Integrated Settlement

All transactions may optionally include real-time payment on a per-stream basis.


Settlement audits and real-time information may be obtained through the Media Grid management portal.

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