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As Vice President of Business Development for nuMetra, I am responsible for strategy and managing our ISP, network equipment provider, and consumer electronics partnerships.

Now that Jeff has extensively written about our technology and business models, we thought it was time for a posting about how we see ourselves as a company and our approach to working with our partners.

We view ourselves as providers of technology building blocks for our partners. In one sense, we are a sub-contractor, integral and necessary for success, but not in a highly visible position.

We will provide guidance, leadership, and organization. If what we are suggesting makes sense, then follow our lead. If you have a better approach, then feel free to pass on our suggestions.

We will not become a destination on the Internet for content. We will not build networks, boxes or devices for consumers.

We will not compete with our partners. We will not play one partner off against another.

You're free to enhance, modify, or integrate the nuMetra mediation solution with your own proprietary and open variations on the technology.

Over time, we expect that many of the functions that we will provide as seeds for growth will be taken over by others, allowing us to move into the background and run our piece of the overall solution.

Recognizing our position and reliance upon many others for our success, we are taking the approach of low-risk/high-return for both engaging and ongoing relationships with our partners.

We will not require our partners to enter into restrictive agreements. Anytime a partner wants to stop working with us, they are free to do so. Give us notice, wish us well, and off you go. As an example, during these early stages of testing, we are asking for minimal technical resources (some rack space, etc.) and assistance in creating some of the business rules for the use of the technology. That's it. No money. No contracts. Just some help.

If you like what we are doing, then move onto the next step with us. If at any point you do not want to be involved, then you are free to go with no penalty.

If you do like what we are doing, then you will be able to address a huge market with unique technology, resulting in new and huge revenue streams.

Why are we acting like this? Why don't we want to boil the ocean, dominate the world, and build a massive and highly visible company?

The answer is simple. Internet video requires so many market participants (content providers, distribution networks (ISPs), and network equipment & consumer electronics manufacturers) and we are just a single company. We couldn't possibly be all of those things. Nor could we displace those companies that are already providing those services/products. We have seen many other companies fail when trying to take on incumbents or try to carve out market share for themselves. We have learned from their examples and will not repeat their mistakes.

So, the best approach for us as a company is to create a model with low risk & high return for the use of our technology building blocks. We are confidant that our partners will see the value in what we do and choose to continue working with us, which will result in our growth as a company.

If you have any questions about working with nuMetra please contact me at: scott [at] numetra [dot] com


Scott Landman


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