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DrPeering: Notification: The 111 8th Street Lesson

Hey DrPeering -
What Internet Exchange Point has the best redundancy and lowest downtime?
Sal Petersen

The Emerging Video Internet (part 1)

DrPeering -

What’s the big deal about video?  We are Peering coordinators. Bits are bits, right?

Angela Kinsey


Ray the Hoster

DrPeering -

In this economy, we are all nervous about spending money. Our exec team is stuck like a deer in headlights, requiring assurances that we never needed in the past. Do you have any advice about investing in infrastructure in this economy?  I just don’t see our exec team moving on anything.



Wallace -

We were speaking of data centers at a VC dinner just last week and I got to tell my favorite data center story - the Ray the Hoster story.

...Dr Peering and the White Paper Process

Dear DrPeering -

Where do you get the information for the peering white papers ?  

How do you distinguish fact and fiction ? 

Are the white papers ghost written ? 

Do the Ask.DrPeering articles go through the same process as the white papers? 

Does writing the white papers make you an authority on peering?

--- interested parties


Asia Boomerang

Dear Dr Peering,

How Peering has changed

Dr Peering - 

What has been the most significant change in Peering in the last 7 years?



Hank - Thanks for the question.

I would have to say that the most significant impact on the peering ecosystem over the last 7 years has been the peering behavior of the cable companies.  Here is the transition as I saw it.

In the early days, @Home handled pretty much all of the Internet activities for the cable companies, and until it went bankrupt, it had a highly selective peering policy.  

Paid Peering and Net Neutrality revisited

Dr Peering

You seemed to have stirred up quite the flame war with your Paid Peering and Net Neutrality article. What’s is going on?



It appears that at least one person is under the mistaken impression that DrPeering went to the FCC to lobby for the regulation of peering, paid or otherwise. This could not be further from the truth. On the contrary, DrPeering, very publicly, raised a warning flag that section 106 of the NPRM describes a rule that appears to come strikingly close to the heart of peering.

Transit provider selection and peering strategy

Dr Peering -

We are looking to start peering.  Does transit provider selection have any impact on our peering strategy?

Alton Brown


In some cases, selecting the right upstream transit provider can increase your chances of obtaining peering. From “The Art of Peering: Tactic #5...

Why Peer when Transit is $2/Mbps?

DrPeering -

Why bother peering when I can buy transit at $2/Mbps?

Steve Rzenberg


Steve -

The decline of transit prices has been going on for a long time and the story is always the same; when considering only the financial benefits (cost savings), peering makes sense when you can peer away a large enough volume of traffic for free to offset the cost of peering.

Let’s build a simple example.

Letter of Intent=Fail

Hi DrPeering -

When should a colocation provider deploy a peering switch fabric for its customers?

Margie42 [at] Wresting [dot] org


I will save you a lot of time and effort by sharing the experiences of one IX who used the “Letter of intent” strategy.

Success-based marketing - get “Letters of Intent”


How Many IXes Per Metro?

Dr Peering -

What is the optimal number of IXes per metro?



Dan -

Dr Peering did an informal study with the peering community and they seemed to fall into two camps:

Camp 1 : Only 1 IX per metro. About half of the peering coordinators said that they preferred that there to be only one IX per metro, because more than one would splinter the peering community.

Peering for Content Providers?


Dear Dr. Peering -


I understand that peering is something that ISPs do. But does it make sense for Content Providers also?

Sven Zyborg-Price


Sven -

The short answer is that the same economics apply to Content Providers as ISPs : if you can send enough traffic to peers (for free) to offset the costs of peering, then peering makes sense financially.

Who should I send to Internet Peering Events?

Dear DrPeering -

I was just hired to, among other things, offload as much traffic as possible across free peering sessions. How can I get peering without coming off like a needy or lame newbie ISP?

Serge Itovic


Thanks for that question, Serge; this is well travelled territory. Everyone starts somewhere, and the DrPeering clinic has assisted many ISPs through this process.

There are definitely some dos and do nots.

How do ISPs create a peering policy?


How do ISPs create a peering policy?

Does the old phrase "Good artists copy, great artists steal" apply?

-- Arch Stanton"


Arch - DrPeering just completed a study on this very thing. I think you will find it addresses your question.

A Brief Study of 28 Peering Policies


A Business Model for a Cooperatively Managed CDN (v0.9)


This paper is a starting point for an entire business model ecosystem designed to distribute of latency and loss sensitive Internet objects. For a set of premium content producers, there is a willingness to pay a little more for a guaranteed high-quality end-user experience. For some Internet Service Providers, there is a willingness to expend resources if there is a corresponding increase in revenue.  What is needed is an ecosystem that supports both of these goals.

An overlay network called a “Media Grid” is introduced in this paper. A revenue allocation model is introduced along with two scenarios; before caching, and when the object is served entirely out of last mile cache. These scenarios are discussed with the goal of aligning the interests of all of those participating in the cooperatively managed video delivery ecosystem.